Edification Gone Wrong in Network Marketing

If you’ve been in network marketing for any period of time, you have probably heard of edification. In this article, I am going to talk about edification gone wrong in network marketing.

Your upline or a training audio has probably told you about edification and how to use it effectively. While edification is important, you are going to find it comes naturally when people deserve to be edified. It is true that some people have a difficult time saying nice things about other people and they can learn how to tell people honestly good things about other people, but reading an edification about people is not effective in today’s world.

Let’s face it. We can see through fake and so can everyone else. If you have to tell your team to edify you over and over there has to be something wrong. Most of the time people are teaching people how to edify in a totally improper way that simply does not work.

You have probably heard it before, “Make sure to tell everyone my resume so they know how awesome I am and they are going to think I am near God when they are on the phone with me so they listen to me.” The truth is that this strategy backfires. Some people are not going to feel as if they are worthy of speaking to your upline.

Some other people are going to think this person is stuck up and the skilled people are going to be able to smell forced edification a mile away.
A simple, “This person has helped me a great deal and has been working with this company to create something great for his/her family,” is suffice. Take the hype out of the edification and you’ll be surprised at how your results are going to change for the better.

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